16 Oct. 2013

REST IN PIECE Micheal “EYEDEA” Larsen 1981-2010

“Legend and Rhymesayers recording artist Eyedea. To others, he was Micheal Larsen, the frontman of genre-bending experimental groups like Carbon Carousel and Face Candy. For others still, he was known by his alter-ego Oliver Hart.

But to most of the performers who filed on and off the Mainroom stage at last night’s four-hour celebration of his life, he was simply “Mikey.”
“The one thing we all have in common right now is that we were touched by Mikey in one way or another,” Slug reflected toward the beginning of the evening, as he warmed to his role as the event’s emcee.
As was to be expected, the evening unfurled with a sense of gravity and purpose, and it was hard not to become entranced by the undercurrent that tied every last one of us together. It’s not often that a concert (if that’s what this could be called) is carried off with such a singular aim, let alone such a serious one, and I’ll be the first to admit I had a lump planted securely in my throat within minutes of setting foot in the door.

“Everyone who is performing tonight is either a close personal friend of Mikey’s, or someone Mikey looked up to very much,” Slug announced–and with that the evening’s long list of surprise performers got to work.

The first hour of the show passed quickly, with each act performing one or two songs apiece. There was Carnage, a Minneapolis native who proudly wore a St. Paul T-shirt in Mikey’s honor; No Bird Sing, whose somber narratives took on even more heft as bandleader Joe Horton paced furiously around the stage; and one of Larsen’s many close friends  and collaborators, Kristoff Krane, who brought out an acoustic guitar to sing “two of Mikey’s favorites” off of his most recent album, Hunting for Father, and got more than a few lighters up in the air.”City Pages by Andrea Swensson

November 9, 2010, a capacity-filled crowd gathered at First Avenue to celebrate the life of Mikey “eyedea” Larsen. The evening spanned five hours to which many people donated their time, energy and talent. It was a dedication in its truest form and a tribute that will not be forgotten. The Fans, friends, peers and family joined together in the First Avenue main room to show their support, love and dedication to a person we all miss dearlyRhymesayers Recocds /Eyedea/

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