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..Two name Two face from the Snowgoons//Sicknature and Dj.Illegal// was talk with 210..They were visiting Hungary and we could spoke with them after the trip ..We were asking them about the beginning  and the upcoming project  also bout the  Goon Musick productions and many more things for the real SnowGoons fans..Please read these 12 questions with the answers and keep following them on the snowgoons site and social networks (below the interview) and enjoy ..Secondly  big shout Sicknature and Illegal for this interview..Keep the hip hop alive.Peace   


001. First of all please tell us how did you meet each other and what did you guys do before created the Snowgoons group ?

SICKNATURE-I used to do beats and rap on my own. Production wise I mostly worked with local acts, but had already worked with international artists when meeting DJ Illegal. I met DJ him in Copenhagen when I was the opening act at a Necro show. At that time I had just pressed up “Honey Im Home” (2007) and I gave Illegal a copy. A couple of weeks earlier I had been to New York to promote my album and I saw the name Snowgoons everywhere. So when he told me that he was from that group I knew who he was talking about right away. He bumped my cd in the van that night and liked it. We did the same style in music and had already worked with some of the same artists, so it was just a matter of time before we started collaborating.

ILLEGAL-That is how me & Sick met, but I started the Snowgoons together with Det a few years back. We started out as mixtape dj´s and produced our own remixes. From there we ended up producing songs for other artists. 

002..Secondly can you guys talkin about a Goon Musick ? Snowgoons/Label/Movement

 SICKNATURE & ILLEGAL-We formed Goon MuSick as a platform for our own music and our friends. Nowadays, its easier to release your music yourself and that way be in charge of everything. We just want to release real music in our own way. 

 003..Snowgoons already done lot of collaborations with Germans, Hungarians and many more from Europe… What about US mc`s ? On your albums heard lot of big names from the Hip Hop. Mc`s Edo G, Sean Prize Reef The Lost Cauze ,Outerspace..and many many more ..Which one was your favourite track or funniest jam in studio or trip?  

 SICKNATURE-I had a really good time chilling with Outerspace, Reef & Jus Allah when we recorded the Snowgoons & Reef The Lost Cauze album at the homie Even If´s crib in Germany. It was a real good time. It was also very cool when I was at Ill Bill´s crib in Brooklyn where he first played me “The Hour Of Reprisal” before it was completely done. 

 ILLEGAL-There are so many good stories but one of the craziest is the recording for the Edo G song Nuthin You Say. We did that on the way to the airport in the bus. We had a whole setup in the bus and did this song last minute before he left Europe.



004..What you doin at the moment ? I mean like any new project ,album or video ?

SICKNATURE-Im currently working on my new album that is scheduled for a release next year on Goon MuSick. Other than that we have a lot of new projects coming out on Goon MuSick this year and the next…

 ILLEGAL-We’re about to drop a german album with our friend Marph but also the Goondox album which consist of PMD and Sean Strange is almost done and ready to launch soon. So stay tuned. 

005..Who are you absolute heroes? The most influential artist now, and 10-15 years ago?

 SICKNATURE-I grew up listening to Public Enemy, Beastie Boys, Ice Cube and Rakim. I started listening to a lot of hip-hop in general… Cypress Hill, M.O.P., Onyx, House Of Pain, Wu-Tang, Gangstarr etc. So I guess I was inspired by most of the 90´s hip-hop. I still listen to a lot of hip-hop from that era. But some of the new releases from artists like Immortal Technique, Sean Price, Ill Bill etc. inspire me a lot too. The list of newer dope underground releases is long…

 ILLEGAL-I also came up in the 90s and I am happy for that. So name any 90s real hip hop group like Wu Tang, Nas, Mobb Deep, DITC, EPMD and all them. Now I still listen to them and get inspired by their music but also there are many new artists like Reef, Term, Dope DOD and so many others. Hip Hop in 2000 also expended worldwide and every country got there dope artists like Prop Dylan from Sweden, Soulkast from france or Killakikitt from Hungary just to name a few. 

006..What was your first Cassette,Cd or Record you bought? How big is your music collection now ?

SICKNATURE-My first record was Public Enemy´s “It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back”. My record collection is not huge, but I still have some…

ILLEGAL-My very first record I listened to as an album was Run DMC “tougher Than Leather” but my first own record I bought was a 2 Live Crew single called “Throw The D”. My record collection was almost 10.000 vinyls before I sold most of it. It was a big step to sell them but I had to do it cause I wanted to invest in my studio and get the Snowgoons thing started. 

007..Which one is your all time favorite Hip Hop record?

SICKNATURE-Its too hard to mention what my favorite albums are because I have been affected by a LOT of hip-hop during my life. But SOME of my favorites include Public Enemy – “It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back”, Nas – “Illmatic”, Non Phixion – “The Future Is Now”, Notorious B.I.G. – “Ready To Die”, Cypress Hill – “Black Sunday”, Wu-Tang – “Enter The 36 chambers” – to name a few!

ILLEGAL-I guess I have to go with Nas – Illmatic and also David Axelrod – Songs Of Experience

008..You guys have lot of positive feedback from around the world have you got any advice would you give to up and coming Mc`s or DJ`s? Because so many good and talented youngster give up to early and they do something different..

 SICKNATURE-My best advice is to be yourself and do what you wanna do. If you really wanna keep doing music, giving up is not an option.

 ILLEGAL-You have to believe in yourself. I know it sounds old but when I started I was pretty much the only one that believed in what I am doing. Also you have to be creative. My head is wrapped around the music 24/7 and just can not imagine a life without the music. It gives me power and this way I can give it back to the music so it is about loving the music and culture. If you have no love for it you will never succeed. 



009..You went this year one of the best Hip Hop venues in Europe Hip Hop Kemp? How is the things over there ..Did you enjoy that?

 SICKNATURE-Performing at Hip-Hop Kemp is always a pleasure.

ILLEGAL-Hip Hop Kemp is really the best festival in Europe and it is always a good vibe over there. I visit the festival since 9 years now and it is always fun. I have the feeling that the time is standing still a bit at the Kemp and it is not so commercial as most other festivals. We are getting famous for our crazy after party in the hangar when everybody comes out and freestyle with us.

010.Funny but…Will you ever retire?

SICKNATURE-I will never stop making music.

ILLEGAL-When I am dead and gone. How can I retire from my life!

011..How you switch of your brain? What you doin if you don`t write rhymes or if you don`t standing behind the decks just simple out in the street? Chill out times.

SICKNATURE-I rarely relax. I have a 9-5 to take care of too. And as soon as Im home, I have music to work on. If I do have a little sparetime, I relax when visiting my family and friends. 

ILLEGAL-It is really hard for me not to do music. I am so much surrounded by all this cause it is my life. I don’t even need to take a break. I love it to the fullest and what ever this Hip Hop is it is me and everything I represent. That includes my family and my friends

012..Last one.Big shout to……

SICKNATURE-Thanx to everybody who are down with us and with real hip-hop! Shout out to everybody we work with and a special shout out to all our listeners in Hungary!

ILLEGAL-Everybody that loves hip hop and support our movement and music. Specially we want to thank our new fam in hungary Aza & Tirpa of Killakikitt, Soup, PKO and many more!


Find more video  below or please follow the on social sites and listen they productions.Thanx every hip hop heads who been read this interview ..Peace Website:Snowgoons    FaceBook:SnowGoons Music    Twitter: Snowgoons 

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