19 Oct. 2014

B-LINE RECORDINGS // Interview // 210 Presents

210 Presents proudly publish a fresh new interview with Specifik of the legedary B-LINE Recordings. One of the best UK Hip Hop record label holder. Make sure you read the full interview below and listen and watch the videos below because this is real hip hop, pleased to announce that so many big names of the UK Hip Hop movement all ready dropped out some 7″ or 12″ for example Chrome & Illinspired, Def Defiance, Whirlwind D  and more have joined the label and also more information about the B-LINE Recordings next showcase below..Peace 

001..First of all, please tell us about a little bit more how did you guys started B-Line Recordings?

SPECIFIK- B-Line Recordings was originally started by Dan The Fish and another chap called Big Tunes D. They were doing a radio show by the same name and wanted to expand the operation into releasing vinyl. They approached Sir Beans O.B.E to release the first record which was “The Pause To Discuss EP” which came out in the summer of 2012.Dan contacted me to do a second release and in the winter of 2012 we put out “I Remember When” Featuring Chrome and “Im Still Def Defiance” with Project Cee and Dj X-Rated.The response was huge and the record sold out within two weeks, this made us think we should keep this label going.

002..How did you decide that you wanted to go into the Hip Hop Record label business?

SPECIFIK- I have been involved in lots of record labels going back to the mid 90′s so for me this wasn’t new territory. I guess the main reason for wanting to be involved in a Hip Hop label was purely out of the love for the music and the format of vinyl. The other reason is to create a solid platform for quality artists to release music.

003..What kind of stuff do you look for in a producer?

SPECIFIK- The main thing I guess is good solid beats, if it sounds good and fits the vibe of the label then there is a chance we would be interested. If were feeling it and we think the heads will like it then we will support it .

004..So many of the artists believe that major labels are the evil empire. Make a case for signing with a major as opposed to an independent label.How do you think about that?

SPECIFIK- I’m not sure really, people think we are a big label but the truth is we are a vinyl only independent. I think if you get a chance with a major then you should take it. As long as you can keep your identity and not let anyone shape or change you then all good. 

005..Usually can you tell us how many artists a year do you signed? Please tell us about those artists who is all ready signed for B-Line Recordings.

SPECIFIK- I like to think we don’t sign artists but create working relationships with them. Here is a complete list of everyone to date we have had on the label. Sir Beans O.B.E, Kelz, Junior Disprol, Specifik, Agent Finch, Chrome,Illinspired, Project Cee, Dj X-Rated, Mo Rock, The Bitterati, Whirlwind D, Mr Thing, Deed, Blaktrix, Mc Squared, JabbaThaKut, Def Defiance, Mr Fantastic, Spatts, Beattrix, Rola, Dj Format, Heavy Links, Theory 77, Mcm, Turroe, Reachwun, Sparkplug, The Criminal Minds, Dj Tones, Figure of Speech, Truck, Phill Most Chill, Inzaine, Phil Wilks, Waxer, Miracle, Coherant, The Doozer, K Delight, Jorun Bombay and Ghettosocks..

 006..What is the biggest mistake you see bands make in promoting themselves?

SPECIFIK- The biggest mistakes in my opinion are hassling people, even if its good if your bugging people they will switch off. Putting stuff on Youtube or Soundcloud  when its not finished or before releasing it, that’s just stupid. Not preparing for gigs and the worst of all getting all aggressive on social media if they are not getting the response they think they deserve. If your a decent person and the music is good and you stick at it, people will hear it..

 007..What do you think the next Two or Four years in the UK Hip Hop or worldwide music industry?

SPECIFIK- I think the music will get better and the audience will be more united. We have got to a stage where boundaries are being broken down and the love of the culture and it elements are back. I think we have suffered over the last 10 years through lack of unity and a distortion of what the culture is by the media. I think social media has brought a lot of like minded people together which is great . 

008.. Any advise for the new generation, upcoming Mc`s , Dj`s , Beatboxers , Graff Artists, Breakers or any one else who try to be a part of Hip hop Culture these days 

SPECIFIK- Be inspired by the past and current masters and research and understand the history. Be involved for the love first. Remember that all the elements in Hip Hop are based on style so concentrate on that before technicalities. Respect the architects, practice practise and more practise .

009.. Serato or Vinyl ?? Silly question..

Surprisingly both, I am a vinyl purist but at the same time a lover of technology. Serato in my opinion has kept the 1200 alive and is introducing new Dj’s to the art of Turntablism.

010..Tell us about B-Line Recordings shows please give us more information about your next gig. (Poster below)

The B-Line shows have the same ethos as the label in terms of bringing people together and enjoying the culture we love. It is designed purely to showcase the talent we have and again give a platform for artists. I like to represent all the elements in the culture at these events.
The next event is on November 9th at The Winchester in Bournemouth. The line up includes Killa Instinct, Heavy links, Whirlwind D, Second To None, The Scarecrows, Mr Fantastic, Dj Prone, The Outkast Dj’s, Spatts and Red Venom, Remer SIN, Dare & Crease OKST, Specifik, Drome, Steve B, Disorda, The Dookie Squad and more tbc. The event will also have a indoor record fair, BBoy Battle, Graffiti and the Dj Bus from France . . All proceeds are going to the charity Downright Perfect supporting families affected by Down Syndrome.

011..Please can you tell us about the next upcoming B-Line Recordings Project. 

We currently have 4 records at press, all of which are very exciting ! I am not saying anything at this point except expect the usual heaviness from the label !

012..Shout to….

My wife Clare, Anya, Isaac and Neive, Drome Okst, Dan The Fish, Darren, Krome SWK, Project Cee, Whirlwind D, Second To None, Southside Alliance, Mr Tibbz, The Gutter Snypes, Heavy Links, Chrome & Illinspired, Chris aka Beattrix, Mr Fantastic, Dare & Crease OKST fam, Steve Buckley, Wayne Emery, Jorun Bombay, Benny Bronx, Rola Roc, Sir Beans, Turroe, Kilo, Remer, Scarse, Doozer, Crystal Carter, Truck, Gee and all the people that support the label and what we do . . .

Make sure you visit B-LINE Recordings official website.

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