30 Jul. 2013

BANKAI FAM “is like a bunch of sharp swords” INTERVIEW

001..All right .Let`s start at the begininng ..BANKAI FAM has got so many members can you tell us few words about the the whole FAM and members please.. (Mc`s,Dj`s Producers) Bankai FAM is like a bunch of sharp swords stabbing you at the same exact time #1 is P.General the quiet but deadly dude laying in the cut he is a loner for sure but he never hesitates when his bankai bros need him #2 Low Banga is the old man of the crew he moves at his own pace and likes to do things his way #3 El Gee is the one that been spitting before all of us but you would never know unless we tell you bcuz his demeanor is layed back until the Shark come out #4 is the Gangsta and I think his name says it all #5 is my self Skanks the Rap martyr allway willing to take one for the team #6 is Cash bilz the animal the legend killer the destructive one #7 is the God Gstats aka the Asiatic and the savage #8 is the Radiator Phenom not only is he one of the nastiest spitters I know he is all so one of there flyest lol #9 is TopNotch or dad daddie notch for the ladies is the reggae assassin of the crew and last but not least #10 Big Bizness that’s the Big man of the Family the one that a squash you for fucking around with this thing of ours then there is Jupiter A.K.A (Astronote,Kyo Itachi,Azaia) that’s our production team the whole shinigamie crew in France and my bro the politician Grizz grand aka the Don king of things just to name a few Bankai is an extended family.
002.. How did you meet each other and how and when did you create BANKAI FAM ?
Bankai Fam all know each other from the same neiborhood growing up in crown heights brooklyn bankai was created by Kyo and Skanks and Skanks was introduced to Kyo by Ruste Juxx..//Skanks,Gstats,Cash Bilz,Top Notch,Gangsta,Phenom,Low Banga,El Gee,Pgeneral,Bigbizness BK Crown Heights Produced By Jupiter A.K.A(Astronote,Kyo Itachi,Azaia) Performed by All Bankai Fam 10 members Espada Ep Vinyl out June 2013 (Watch the “On My Side” below)

003..Where name come from ? BANKAI FAM As far as the name is concerned its pretty deep but not too complicated. The “bankai” is actually a weapon. A sword to be specific(iF I got my facts strait). Originated from a japanese animae series called bleach. Its pretty dope u should check it out if u get a chance. But you know. Lyrics and your craft pretty much equals your sword.

004..Any project coming up? Together or solo?After the Bankai e.p prod entirely by Jupiter A.K.A. Skanks dropping the shinigamie flowfessional album due this fall then Gstats solo then the bankai album then the invasion begins look for the whole crew to be dropping projects.

(Skanks Feat El Gee “In My Mind” Produced by Kyo Itachi Directed by Double Rush”From Skanks of the Bankai fam’s upcoming album “The Shinigami Flowfessional”on Shinigamie Records )

005..Dj`s,Beat Makers,Producers .What kind of technical equipment using the make BANKAI`s tracks?
Technique would provide the sound that our love for this art can give out so at the end it’s reall just unity that’s the skill used.
 006..Who are your heroes (MC,Dj,Procucers,Beat Makers) in the hip Hop movement and Why?
First off I got to say Kool herc for pioneering this hip hop movement but its too many to name it was alot of greats growing up who influenced bankai Fam.
 007..What do you think or how do you think back for those days? “Golden Era”  I mean 90`s and early 2000.
The 90′s early 2000′s was the best everybody expressed the art from their hearts it was bullshit then too but it was ballanced out real hip hop co existed on the radio with the commercial bull shit now its just the commercial bullshit playing on the radio these days.
( First Video of Bankai FAM that consists of Skanks,Gstats,Cash Bilz,Top Notch,Gangsta,Phenom,Low Banga,El Gee,General P,Bigbizness BK Crown Heights Produced By Jupiter A.K.A Astronote,Kyo Itachi,Azaia Watch below.)

008..Questions for dj`s..What do you think about the dj`s situation? I mean Serato or Records..
Records this serato shit got any body thinking they can be a d.j but remember hip hop started out with just 2 turntables and a mic.
009…So where can fans learn more about BANKAI FAM and Producers previous or upcoming album and collaborations.
This collective of MC’s respective bodies of work are growing so rapidly you never know who’s doing what. I aint seen the entire OCB or P.General in some months but I guarantee that some wild idea has been formed. Its that real creatively. I’m just tryna keep up with the crew lyrically. One step backward and that can throw off a lot.

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