09 Jul. 2014

BLACASTAN & STU BANGAS ‘Watson And Holmes’ Album Preview

210 proudly presented another 10 questions interview (Album Preview) with two Heavyweight Hip Hop artists Blacastan and Stu Bangas new project ‘Watson And Homes’ album will be released on July 29, 2014..The duo worked  Vinnie Paz, Celph Titled, Ill Bill, and many more great artists from the Hip Hop scene..210 Presents give you a chance and read the full interview here (below) and go Pre-Order the fresh Watson and Holmes Tee Shirts and one more extra opportunity order the special Stu Bangas Producer Package..Enjoy ..Peace


001..Before we start, please tell us about a little bit more yourself..and when did you start work together ?

BLACASTAN - I’ve been a fan of Hip Hop, literally as long as I could remember. I wrote my first rhyme in 3rd or 4th grade. Rhyming has always been a passion of mine, when I figured out that I could put words together and get a reaction outta people. Jumpin’ into present time, the last 8 years feels like a bunch of raps, shows, and bad relationships neatly smashed into 365 days. It’s hard for me to recall exactly when a specific moment or encounter occurred, but one thing that sticks out about the first time I met Stu was a disagreement he had with my brother DOAP NIXON. Yeah I can’t remember exactly what the beef was over but remember things gettin’ real heated and I played the peace maker. That pretty much sums up how me and Stu first crossed paths shout out to my brother DOAP NIXON. That had to be atleast 4 or 5 years ago at this time.

STU BANGAS - I’ve been producing for a number of years in the indy rap genre of music.  You can find my work on releases by AOTP, Sean Price, Cappadonna, Vinnie Paz, Blaq Poet, Ill BILL, Chino XL, Esoteric and many many more.  I’m now focusing on my label Brutal Music and releasing albums on that imprint.Blacastan and I met a number of years back and we just started working together, the chemistry was there and we started collecting songs…this album is some of our favorites we’ve made. 

002..”Watson And Holmes” Where is the title came from and you already released the artwork and the full tracklist for the upcoming album tell us about a bit more ?

BLACASTAN - The Watson X Holmes theme came about in the most organic way possible. We originally were collaborating on an album with Reef The Lost Cauze, and all parties involved kinda got side tracked by different individual projects. So, we kinda pushed the collabo album to the side at that point. Stu and I realized that we had some dope records that were bein’ thrown into that pot. We also realized that we had a dope chemistry, beats and rhymes wise so we salvaged what we could from that stash and moved forward. Basically we kept recording, and he sent through a joint that later became the title track and group name “Watson X Holmes”. The beat was crazy as soon as he sent it through I wrote the rhyme almost instantly and there’s a line in there where I referenced “Sherlock Holmes and Watson”. Then a light bulb lit up in my thought bubble,… “Watson X Holmes” we should name this joint “Watson X Holmes” yo we the rap game’s “Watson X Holmes”. It made sense, Sherlock Holmes and Watson a classic duo that complimented eachother that’s us Stu Bangas and Blacastan!

003.Your new single ”Nubian Metal” is out few weeks ago. Have you already had any feedbacks on it before the official launch ?

BLACASTAN - Nubian Metal the first single, featuring my brothers Celph Titled and Vinnie Paz. Once this was recorded, mixed and done we knew this was what the listeners should hear first,… It’s just that type of record no bullshit just hardcore rhyming the kinda rhyming the Pharaohs and Demigodz are known for. It was the obvious choice nah mean,..

STU BANGAS - The feedback has been really great on the record…overwhelmingly positive.  We knew when we made the record initially that we had a really dope song that we wanted to push.

004.BLACASTAN Question for you..How would you characterize STU’s beats or contribution to the album?

BLACASTAN - There’s only one way really, “Heavy Metal Boom Bap”. When it comes to producing Stu has his own genre. If you listen hard enough, you can definitely hear his influences though.

005. Any plans for a new video together in the near future from the “Watson And Holmes”album ?

STU BANGAS - We have two videos we are getting ready to drop for the album…and possibly a third…stay tuned!

006…STU a question for you ..Did you released a special “Watson And Holmes” Producer Packages can you tell us about a bit more please..

STU BANGAS - I did release a producer package for this record…it includes some crazy samples out of my crates and some nice drum breaks I dug up…it also includes some of the samples used on the beats for this Watson & Holmes album….I think beatmakers will really enjoy it..

007..STU another question for you …If you are in the Records Shop what kind of records you digging ? What kind of music you use for sampling ?

STU BANGAS - I honestly use every genre…rock, soul, gospel, all types of international music, library records…there is dope music in every genre for sampling.

008.Just to give a little hint to the fans before the album comes out what are your favourite tracks from ”Watson And Holmes” ?

BLACASTAN – WOW,.. my favorite tracks let’s see. Well I have to be honest man as a fan of hip hop I’ve always been a B-Side album cut listener. Over the years not much has changed my favorite cuts are the album cuts “Disguise”, “PI”, and “Tormented”,.

009..Where is it going to be available to buy and download?

STU BANGAS - Obviously on Itunes, Amazon, etc.  you can now pre-order the album and album bundles at www.brutalmusic.org - the album will be released on July 29, 2014!

010…Thank you for the interview and tell your Shout to…

BLACASTAN - Shout out to everyone involved in the making of this record, and most importantly the listeners and die hard supporters,!

STU BANGAS - Shout out to all the artists featured on this record….you for doing the interview with us and all the fans spending their money and supporting the project and Brutal Music.  It keeps the music coming..without the fans we have nothing…

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