01 Jan. 2015

BLACK JOSH // Blah Records // Interview 210 Presents

210 Presents proudly published the first interview of 2015 with Black Josh a.k.a. Joshi£ Ratch£t (Blah Records) from Manchester..We were talking about the beginning and off coure,about Black Josh’s future and his upcoming EP. Make sure you check this out and read the full interview below with Black Josh. Peace


001..Let’s start the beginning.. Where did you Born N’ Raised and When did you start rapping?

BLACK JOSH - Im from Manny init and was raised in the ward of rusholme and wythenshawe. I’ve always tried to rap from being a baby listening to rap music.

002.. Who do you think the most influential artists in UK Hip Hop (Those days and Now a days) and who is inspired you ?

BLACK JOSH – From those days – Broke-N-English, Herrotics, Children of the Damned, Murk Don, Dyno, Mennis, Shifty, Fiasco, 24k, Dizzee Rascal, Kano, Ghetto, So Solid Crew (Just because of 21 seconds), Mike Skinner, Craig David and Richard Blackwood. Now a days –  Lee Scott,Truthos Mufasa, Dyslexis, Mc Jon, Chimpo, Milkaveli, Trellion, Sniff, Hawk House, Dirty Dike, Onoe Caponoe,Wordz, Shotty Horroh, Stinkin Slumrok, Bisk, Voodoo Black, Cheech, King Grubb, everyone on Room2 Recordings

003..What kind of stuff (Music) do you like from the producer? I mean what is your favourite to rapping, what is your favourite BPM?

BLACK JOSH - im not really sure, if i listen to the riddim and i catch a vibe ill make a tune. i tend to go for hip hop beats with a relaxed vibe and an upbeat drum pattern or a very lazy one or angry dark beats as well with hard hitting snares

004..Who is your favourite Producer, Beat Maker ? (Worldwide)

BLACK JOSH - I haven’t got a favourite but i normally play tunes off Drae Da Skimasks sound cloud when im chillin and other guys he makes music with like A-Bluntz and Tommy I I

005.BLAH RECORDS (Tell us about the past and how did you became the Blah Records member) please can you tell us a bit more?

BLACK JOSH – Basically yh, i made a tune with a rapper from manchester called cheech and i think King Grubb heard it and showed it to the rest of the label because i was using their phrase “Cold Sag” and thats because i listened to COTD and Mcarbe Brothers when i was younger. I later got asked to do a show with my crew Ape Cult at a night that was put on by Tony Broke in Liverpool. Lee Scott and Bill Shakes performed and Reklews was there to. I made the connect with them dudes and got asked to feature on a track. I did the tune which is on their GUCSH!T album. Made a few other tunes with Bill Shakes because he used to come down to manny and check for me and Grubb did at one point as well. Then Reklews hit me up and asked if i wanted to sign and i was like yhhh.

006..Your latest video ”Eczema ” and “Espace Music” and off course many others but did you get any positive or negative feedbacks on it? Any plans for a new video in the near future from your new Album?

I’ve not received any bad feedback on them tunes personally but on other tunes like hood hippy and serious i have. I try to tackle different styles and my music is based on my mood as well as what me and my boys are gassing over so my music can be very immature, personal or conscious, sometimes all in one track. I’ve got a couple videos lined up for the album as well as other projects i have in the mix like with lee scott and pete cannon. 

007..Please can you tell us about few things your “#blahblahblackjosh” and your latest released ”The Blosh” EP..

BLACK JOSH - #Blahblahblackjosh was originally songs i was piling up for my album that i decided to throw out there just to have a blah records release and leave my mark on 2014. The Blosh EP was just songs that was about to be left in 2014 so i thought id set them free. I just record and stack tunes then put them in playlists on my iTunes.

008..How difficult to sell any of your new release (Cd`s, Records and Download) or is quick, easy and simple? What do you think the next Two or Three years in the UK Hip Hop or worldwide music industry?

BLACK JOSH – Dont have a clue i just let the label handle it and get money each month.I see a very bright future for UK artists because its easier to be independent now with the help of social media and people like yourselves looking for underground artists.

009.What is your all time favourite Music Video? (Worldwide)

BLACK JOSH - BUSTA RHYMES – WOO HAH (Watch the official video here)

010..What kind of music on your Phone or your MP3 player ?

BLACK JOSH - I listen to trap, 90s hip hop, old grime, 90s dancehall, black josh,  NOW 47, reggae, and ever metrodome sends me. 

011.. What is your favourite Movie, DVD, Books or Magazines?

BLACK JOSH – Film – Friday, DVD – Bad Santa, Book (if comics count) wolverine and deadpool. Magazine – only one i read is heat because my mum used to leave it in the bathroom so i used to read it taking a shit.

012..Shout to….

BLACK JOSH  - Blah Records, Ape Cult, 616 DVL GNG $W£9 Mafia, LP, my bae from long time, P O P holding it down. Momma i luh ya. Safe

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