07 May. 2015

PAWZ ONE Interview // 210 Presents

 210 Presents proudly publish a brand new interview with Pawz One heavyweight MC of Hip Hop scene based in (Los Angeles, LA) and official host of Underground Hip Hop Blog (Independent Hip Hop site Indie/Underground Hip Hop music from around the world). In the past few years Pawz One worked with numerous artists from Hip Hop movement, for example Masta Ace, El Da Sensei, Ras Kass, Termanology, Self Provoked and many more. Please read this interview (below) carefully and make your first step in to the Underground Hip Hop today. Enjoy


Thank you for the interview Pawz. Let’s start the begining..Where did you Born N’ Raised and Where is your names come from ?

PAWZ ONE- I was born in Compton CA and raised all over LA. Where I grew up two things were big in the streets, gangs and hip hop Specifically graffiti. I started catching tags and painting with some friends of mine and one of the last graff names I had was “Pawz” I used to go to places and battle other MC’s and i didnt have a MC name yet so I used my graff name and I just never changed it.

Who do you think the most influential artists in (Back inna days) also can you tell us who is inspired you ?

PAWZ ONE- Its hard to say who the most influential artist is but i know for me people like LLCool J was a big influence as a kid. As i got older people like Nas and Guru and Ice Cube.

Let’s talk about your style. How would you describe it ?

PAWZ ONE- I’d like to say im more of a lyricist and a story teller. I put alot into writing and making sure every song has a deeper meaning. alot of people go for the radio hip hop which doesnt require much brain power but my music isn’t made for the masses. I make music for the people who can decipher the meaning of the words and people who can relate to the songs.

Many of the artists nowadays believe that major record labels are the evil empire. Make a case for signing with a major as opposed to an independent label. How do you think about that?

PAWZ ONE- Well if a major shows interest in what you’re doing you obviously haven’t something going on even if its just a cool gimmick or image they want to use to sell more Coca-Cola haha. If a major were to offer something fair I don’t see why you shouldn’t work with them but we all know that’s not the case. Me personally I like being independent because I have full control over my art and my future.

How do you promote any of your project in the past and what is the biggest mistake you see bands make in promoting themselves?

PAWZ ONE- Their are alot of ways to promote from spending a budget on promo both online and in the streets but the most common form i see alot now is spamming. People shoving their music in other people’s faces for a few plays or views.  The biggest mistake i see people make is not promoting and waiting to be discovered because they believe they are just that good.

Your official studio album `Face The Facts` has been released last year (February) What kind of feedbacks do you have from the listeners, fans ?

PAWZ ONE- the feedback was great! it was my first album so to see people react the way they did really surprised me. I think people just missed genuine hip hop we weren’t tryin to be trendy or tryin to sound too current or too old school we just set out to make the hip hop we liked and grew up listening to.

How is your `More Than Words` EP goes? What kind of feedbacks do you have from the listeners, fans ?

PAWZ ONE- The funny thing is i put that out for the fans, just to see who really follows me for my music. i made it free online and let people who really support find it. it shows me who really cares about my music and who to reward with free merch and tickets to my shows. I didnt put any money into promo i just let it spread organically to see whos really down.

Any news project ? Videos or any new album, or EP because we all know you are one of the hardest workers of the underground movement.

PAWZ ONE- Thank you! man, I have so much stuff im working on right now its crazy haha. I have an ep with the frog brothaz & ruste juxx, a project with a dope producer from Switzerland named VR. a new EP with my producer Default and one with a dope production crew called vinyl villains. I also have videos droppin every month for the rest of the year.

Last year you were part of `Diggin in the Facts` Tour with AG, El Da Sensei and DJ Kaos. How you felt that Tour ? What was the greatest moment?

PAWZ ONE- That tour was amazing! It was kinda hard to believe i was actually there with these guys. i think one of the best moments was being able to freestyle on stage with them for the first time all together. Sharing the stage with these dudes was a crazy experience.

Please can you tell us about your connection with Underground Hip Hop BLOG.

PAWZ ONE- It’s funny because my only function with the blog is doing thier on camera interviews but people often think its my blog haha. some artists get upset because their music isnt posted so they ask me when they see me in public haha. I have done quite a few interviews for them everyone from DEL, immortal technique, dmx, necro and others.

Any advice for the new generation, upcoming Mc`s , Dj`s , Beatboxers , Graff Artists, Breakers or any one else who try to be a part of Hip hop Culture these days.

PAWZ ONE - Love what you do because you will be tested. Everyone has bad days despite how shit looks online. if you really love this hip hop shit you will make it thru the bad days and be ready to rock on the good ones.

What kind of music on your Phone or your MP3 player ?

PAWZ ONE- I have a mixture of shit from reggae to rock to hip hop.

Could you tell us any Book,Comic Book,Movie,Graffiti or Break Video or any other Documentary which is your absolutely favorite or changed your life ?

PAWZ ONE- Im a huge fan of guy richie movies and when i was younger i used to collect spawn  and deadpool comics.

Last word..Shout-Out

PAWZ ONE- Much love to you guys for giving me a chance to do the interview and to everyone who took the time to read it. much love!!

Pawz One Thank you. Respect 

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