PHYBAOPTIKZ Interview // Crate Divizion // 210 Presents
12 Dec. 2015

PHYBAOPTIKZ Interview // Crate Divizion // 210 Presents

Welcome to every new visitors on 210 Presents website. Last interview of 2015 now has been published. Straight from the  UK underground hip hop movement member of Crate Divizion (Records Label). You guys can read the full interview with PHYBAOPTIKZ here (below) Represent the Underground Hip Hop scene. Enjoy, Peace and Love 


001..Thank you for this interview and Please could we start everything in the beginning ? Please tell us a bit more about yourself.. Where did you name come from?

PHYBAOPTIKZ –  I’m a social person and connect with people. Due to that, I thought of the name PhybaOptikz due to connection speed haha.

002. First touch with the Hip hop Culture ?

PHYBAOPTIKZ – I was 7 and used to listen to the radio on this old Silver, Pioneer ghettoblaster. It was around the time Cypress Hill released Temples of Boom and Chronic was coming out. MY bro and I used to Lock-in to the hiphop shows. Besides that, I always liked baggy clothing, maybe cos I was a fat cunt, but Dark n Cold was a shop that I’d go to regularly for the fabrics.

003..When did you know you wanted to be an MC, Producer and Beat Maker?

PHYBAOPTIKZ – I started with Dance eJay haha (Going way back now to when I was 12) It had a few preset loops and I kinda maxed its capacity within a week. I moved onto FruityLoops where I started to understand how sequencing and loops work. So initially, it was a Producer thing, until I my brother showed me some of the raps he had written, for women haha – he was a smooth operator.
I then started cyphering with heads on Hotmail voicechat (nostalgia eh).. These dudes schooled me on the rhymeschemes and freestyling. Copped my first Mac at 18 and moved onto Logic and bought some MIDI gear to expand the artillery. Did a few battles, including UK TakeOver and some local Clashes and kinda rolled with doing both.

004..Who do you think the most influential artists in UK Hip Hop (Those days and Now a days) and who is inspired you ?

PHYBAOPTIKZ – Initially, I was always a big fan of Cypress Hill and DJ Muggs production. Nas, Wu, Bone Thugs and Last Emporer were massive influences back then, for me. Truth be told, in my area there wasn’t much going on with respect to the UK scene, so I was oblivious. My first introduction to UK Hiphop was 57th Dynasty, Rodney P and Lewis Parker at my brothers mates yard. I heard the rawness that the UK scene had to offer and began to follow it.

Currently, I’d say that Triple Darkness, High Focus and Blah have a massive influence on up-and-coming artists. They have a good business model for sure.

005. You are member of a Special Aganet. Please could you tell us about CREATE DIVIZION ?

PHYBAOPTIKZ – Crate Divizion is the fam/label and we bring a raw boombap sound that is unique to a lot of material out there.

I used to follow a channel on Youtube called, Beat Connexion, which always had dope boombap beats. I got onto Giallo Point and Vic Grimes material and had an affinity for it instantly. It had this raw, unique style (S/O GP and VG) so I ripped one of his tracks and spat a 32 and sent it to him. He was digging it so we started working together. Vic then asked me to join because we were all like-minded and had cohesive styles – plus, they needed a rapper to rep.

006. Your Beat Tape `Gotham City` has been released last year. What kind of feedbacks do you have from the listeners?

PHYBAOPTIKZ – I say the proof is in the pudding and I’ve sold 80% of the instros on that tape now. I’ve had a lot of positive feedback about the project. It encompasses my divide between being a rapper and a producer. I rarely rap on my own beats so I have a split persona.. I treat the rapping side like Bruce Wayne and the Production like Batman haha, so it was a fitting title.

007..Let’s talk about your style. How would you describe it  ?

PHYBAOPTIKZ – It’s definitely unique to a lot of the stuff out there. We look for samples which reflect our brand and signature sound. Crime/Spy/Espionage/Tension are keywords for our music.

008. Many of the artists nowadays believe that major record labels are the evil empire. Make a case for signing with a major as opposed to an independent label. How do you think about that ?

PHYBAOPTIKZ – There is compromise in both cases. I’d say that if you were to sign, you’d have to be prepared to dilute the purity of the substance that you’re creating, but have all overheads looked after. You’re working on an agenda made for you-by someone else.
Independent labels really can work but, dedication and perseverance are key. Of course, you have to organise, manage and plan everything, but if you have a good work ethic, it can be done.

009.How difficult to sell any of your new release (Cd`s, Records and Download) or is quick, easy and simple? What do you think the next Two or Three years in the UK Hip Hop or worldwide music industry ?

PHYBAOPTIKZ – The digital space is thriving and every tool is readily available. I feel it’s relatively easy to cop a basic lab setup, rercord some music and shoot it on soundcloud/bandcamp for sales. The hard part is getting the followers/growing your fanbase organically. For these things, it’s important to release consistently decent material, pretty frequently. It also helps to build/network with other artists and people at Open Mics, Shows and generally.

The only issue I see arising is that there is a high supply of artists so the market is becoming saturated. In that respect, it’s good to have a unique sound.

010. Do you have a favourite musical project that you’ve worked on ?

PHYBAOPTIKZ – Got to be Tales of Danger, because it was the first Project that I released on the label. It harnessed our signature sound, laced with storytelling raps. We wanted to create a cinematic feel from start to finish adding vocal extracts and sound fx to heighten the tension/add to the ambience.
I’d say Parisian Connections at a close-second, with Daniel Son (S/O DS) because it was a two week back-and-forth from Toronto to London workflow. He’s probably one of my fav artists atm and wanted to get a collab going. The whole project has a visual feel to it and the beats are all crack. S/O Vic Grimes, Giallo Point and Kurse.

011.. How is your latest ‘The Experiment` collaboration project with Kurse goes ?

PHYBAOPTIKZ – The project was wrapped up around the same time as Gotham City. It was mad fun working on that, because I always wanted to do a sci-crime crossover project and he is the man for those beats. I’ve done a few sets with songs from that Experiment and received very good feedback.

012..Any new project? EP, Beat Tape or Album? New video in the near future ?

PHYBAOPTIKZ – I’ve got 4 in the works at the moment.
- Stickup on the 22nd Floor, with Vic Grimes, which will drop on the 22nd of December. Just released the first video from that (VICE City)
- The Contract ep, with my brotha, Consensus, which drops on 14th of December. Pure Criminology.
- A new beat tape which I haven’t officially named yet, but it’s 70% complete.
- The Crate Divizion Album, which will be released on Vinyl, CD and Tape, next year.

013..If you are in the Records Shop what kind of records you digging ?

PHYBAOPTIKZ – Ahaaaa, I can’t reveal too much here – S/O the gemdiggers out there – they know why lol! Genre-wise, Jazz and Prog Rock to funk and oddities. I have a selection of brands and artists that I look out for – let’s put it that way ;)

014..What is your all time favourite Music Video? (Worldwide)

PHYBAOPTIKZ – Wu Tang – Triumph. Loved the album, the song, the concept for the video and the general stee that they brought. Timeless classic.

 015..Could you tell us any Book,Comic Book,Movie,Graffiti or Break Video or any other Documentary which is your absolutely favourite or changed your life ?

PHYBAOPTIKZ - It’s been a combination of all media that has shaped the way I write and my general content matter. From Marvel Comics, horror/old school noir flicks, to general art.

016..Last word.. Give a shout to…

PHYBAOPTIKZ – My Crate Divizion Familia, Higher Learning dons, TorubleMakerz and my brother GStar.

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