20 Jan. 2015

RAF ALMIGHTY of DIRT PLATOON Interview // 210 Presents

Welcome all the Hip Hop heads around this planet and welcome to new visitors, second interview of 2015 now has been published. Straight from the  underground hip hop movement  210 Presents proudly publish a brand new interview with Baltimore based MC Raf Almighty of Dirt Platoon. Make sure you check out all music productions all the videos and read the full interview below with  the Original ‘Dolpin Str. soldier’ Raf Almighty..Peace 


001..Let’s start the begining..Where did you Born N’ Raised and Where is your name come from RAF ALMIGHTY ?

RAF ALMIGHTY -  I was born & raised in Baltimore, Md… The Home Of The Dirt Platoon..When I was 12 years old I went by the name ” Rif Raf ” as I got older I dropped the Rif and kept “ Raf !

002..Who do you think the most influential artists in (Back inna days) also can you tell us who is inspired you ?

RAF ALMIGHTY -  Back in the day I Loved EVERYTHING HIP HOP. But Chubb Rock , KRS ONE , Above The Law , Ice Cube , Big Daddy Kane , Fat Joe , Red Man , EPMD , D.I.T.C , Outkast , Wu Tang , THE LIST GOES ON AND ON.

003..Can you tell us how did you meet with Snook Da Crook and how did you guys create Dirt Platoon?

RAF ALMIGHTY - Snook The Crook is my Brother. Same Mother,Same Father! So I been working wit Crook All my Life. But DP was created back in 92-93 by myself and my older Brother Raggety. We wanted to bring something DIRTY to the table. By 1997 Crook got down and we been underground GOLD ever since.

004..How did you meet and when did you start working together with French producers (Kyo Itachi, Dj Brans, Dj Djaz and many others…)

RAF ALMIGHTY - Well we met Effiscienz in Queens, NY in 2011 they were shooting a video for a song they had wit the homie Nutso. After we went to the studio recorded 2 tracks wit them, and we said our vows that day. We met Kyo Itachi via internet that same year 2011 he heard our sound and wanted to produce a album with us.. It’s Crazy that we recorded BOTH THOSE ALBUMS AT THE SAME TIME. And they each are underground CLASSICS. Salute to the General Kyo Itachi.

005..Let’s talk about your style. How would you describe it ?

RAF ALMIGHTY - My Style is called ” Stacking ” I get into my books and see how I can flip words and make them ” Stack ” with each other. I owe the birth of my style to my Older God Raggety Man, he taught me everything I Know. RIP RAGGETY.

006..Latest Dirt Platoon `War Face` album released in 2013..

RAF ALMIGHTY -  ” WAR FACE THE ALBUM ” was a very Important LP for Dirt Platoon… Myself & Crook entrapped ourselves into Kyo’s beats and threw a Lighting Bolt at The Underground. 2013 and ” War Face ” The Album produced by Kyo Itachi changed my career. All Feedback whether pos or neg is accepted.

007..Year later, last summer (June 2014) you dropped out your solo album `G.T.F.O.M.Y.` Produced by DJ BRANS.. Have you got any favourite tracks from that production?

RAF ALMIGHTY - ” GTFOMY ” I Love The Whole Album. I got wit Dj Brans LOCKED IN and gave the World Almighty Thoughts. Told ya’ll what my Life About. I have 2 favorite tracks ” Stormy Monday ” & ” A Statement” both produced by Dj Brans. If you don’t have ” GTFOMY” GO COP IT.

008..Your latest video ”Biggest Loser ” and “Mystery “ available to watch on YouTube, any plans for a new videos in the near future?

RAF ALMIGHTY - Yes!!!!! I will be giving you 1 more video/single from ” GTFOMY “. STAY TUNED

009..Any news project ? Videos or any new album,or EP because we all know you guys (Dirt Platoon) are  one of the hardest workers of the underground movement.

RAF ALMIGHTY - Dirt Platoon has a new album coming early 2015. Effiscienz WHAT UP..

010..Please can you tell us your favourite Beat makers and Producers? (All around the world.)

RAF ALMIGHTY - My favorite producers are Fel Sweetenberg, Dj Brans , Venom , Kyo Itachi , Dj Low Cut, Marco Polo , Pete Rock , Lil Fame , Premo , Hi Tek , Apollo Brown , Madlib , and Etc… The List Will Go On and On.

011..What kind of music on your Phone or your MP3 player ?

RAF ALMIGHTY - 36 Seasonz( Ghostface Killah ), DP Music, Soul Music and Beatd right now…

012..Could you tell us any Book,Comic Book,Movie,Graffiti or Break Video or any other Documentary which is your absolutely favourite or changed your life ?

RAF ALMIGHTY - ” Think And Go Rich ” is what I’m reading at the moment and it’s changing my life EVERYDAY.

Last word..Shout to… Salute To Everyone That Support My Movement and Salute To You.. Stay Tuned. RAF ALMIGHTY 

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