09 Dec. 2014

SMELLINGTON PIFF Interview // 210 Presents

Hello Hip Hop Heads.. 210 Presents Proudly presented a new interview with Smellington Piff of UK Hip Hop movement..Piff’s 18 track debut solo album ‘Notice of Eviction’ released 8th December 2014

Real Life Drama Records label Produced by Leaf Dog and so many heavyweight features Son Doobie (Funkdoobiest), Rag n Bone Man, Leaf Dog, BVA, Verb T, Fliptrix, Lee Scott, Bill Shakes and many more…Available to Pre-Order now on CD and Digitally, Limited Edition 12″ Vinyls coming soon, make sure you check this out and read the full interview below…Peace 


001.Lets start at the beginning.. Where does the name SMELLINGTON PIFF come from?

SMELLINGTON PIFF- My good friend Sean Peng dubbed me Smellington Piff. My names Welly and people often called me Wellington. But Sean blurted it out in a moment of madness when i was tryna think of a name for myself, and at first we all thought it was ridiculous, but i really didn’t wana be known as Welly mc, haha, so we used it for the first tracks and its stuck ever since. Thanks Sean

 002. When did you know you wanted to be an MC ?

SMELLINGTON PIFF- I believe it was June the 5th 1999, round about 4:20 PM i was taking a shit and it just came to me, you know when like a light bulb appears above your head… nahh im pulling your leg, I never wanted to be an mc. i just wanted to be like them guys that do that song ‘ohh ee ohh ah ah, ting tang wolla wolla bing bang’

003..What is your first official releases? We all know you worked hard and so much with Leaf Dog past few years…

SMELLINGTON PIFF- My first official release was actually a techno record when i was 8 cause back then i was the worlds youngest dj (guiness book of records)..(im not pulling your leg this time) but my first hip hop release was the NLP Free Your Mind album, followed by my ep.

004.Real Life Drama Records please can you tell us a bit more?

SMELLINGTON PIFF- Real Life Drama is Leaf Dog & Bvas label that myself Jack Jetson and Illinformed are signed to. Real Life Drama does what it says on the tin. Real Life people talking Real Life topics on Real Life beats. We strive to provide the raw classic hip hop that seems to be dieng out nowa days..

005.Your latest video ”Site ” is out, did you get any positive or negative feedbacks on it? Any plans for a new video in the near future from your new Album?

SMELLINGTON PIFF- Noting but positivity so far man. We have just dropped the 2nd video ‘End of Discussion’.. I’ve got two more up my sleeve and i might make a 5th

006.Please tell us about your upcoming Debut Album ‘Notice of Eviction’ (Producers, Featurings and Album cover designer).

SMELLINGTON PIFF- Its all produced by Leaf, it features loads of people including Son Doobie (funkdoobiest) Life and Rag n Bone Man to name a few. the artwork was designed by a good friend of mine named Mani (Barndog) Bostock if up and coming artists are looking for dope artwork get in contact with him

007.Would you like to work with someone special or an icon from the game ? I mean like Producers or Mc`s ?

SMELLINGTON PIFF- Im working on a project with Life mc which is a great honor. iv made an album with Cracker Jon. Im looking to make a project with Jack Jetson. beyond that who knows..

008.What kind of music on your MP3 player ? I mean what kind of music you are listen daily?

SMELLINGTON PIFF- Alot of james Brown at the moment, hes the boss. I’ve had jacks (Jack Jetson) album on repeat since i got it. i like alot of reagae and old rock like Pink Floyd. Roc Marciano is also getting the spins at the minute. 

009.What is your all time favourite Music Video? (Worldwide)

SMELLINGTON PIFF- Jaylib – The Heist (Watch the video here )

010..Last word..Shout to…

SMELLINGTON PIFF- Shouts to everyone.. One

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