SONS PHONETIC  Interview // 210 Presents
09 Nov. 2015

SONS PHONETIC Interview // 210 Presents

210 Presents proudly published a fresh new interview with the Waterford (Ireland) based Sons Phonetic crew. Read the full interview below. 

001..Thank you for this interview and Please could we start everything in the beginning ? Please could you introducing the SONS PHONETIC (members of the crew) and Where did you name come from?

What good fam, appreciate you reaching out.. Sons P members are Mook, (Rabiah Zaruq), Tommy Tyler, Kav, Mouse Hughes, Sammy Dozens and Tom Dunne. 

We thought the name Sons Phonetic was really representative us in many ways, individually and as a collective, spiritually and metaphysically. We carefully analysed the meaning of each word and painstakingly whittled down a series of 6000 words during series of board meetings at the peak of Mt Kilimanjaro. Finally we arrived at a name that was truly indicative of our ethos and was unquestionably the best name in the world….but then we scrapped it cos Sons Phonetic sounded cooler.

002..Who do you think the most influential artists of UK Hip Hop (Those days back than and Today) and who is inspired you ?

We drew a lot inspiration from UK Hip Hop over the years, as much as if not more than the US scene. We’ve also had the opportunity to do shows with and make music with some.

In terms of influential artist from the scene in general the likes of Jehst, Roots Manuva, KLashNekOff, Task Force, Rodney P and Black Twang can’t be overlooked. Some of the UK artist that have truly inspired us include Jehst, Roots Manuva, KLashNekOff, Skinnyman, Manage/Chain of Command, Genesis Elijah, Triple Darkness, Wordsmiff…To be honest the list is super long but that gives you an idea.

003. How did you guys meet each other and when did you create the Sons Phonetic crew and what was your First released project? Please could you tell us about more ’Casino’ official music video taken off ‘Twelve Labours’. Really nice vibe..

We’re all from the same town and grew up running in the same circles. We all like dope music so we joined forces and created the SP ting. Our first shit is now very hard to track down (thank F**k) but that’s how all artist feel about their first projects, but everybody grows and we the illest now.

Casino was just a tune that we were really feeling from Twelve Labours so we made a video. It was shot out in Mook’s house in the country. We basically just setup a bunch of scenes to make them as dope looking as possible then Mouse and Sam rapped in front of the camera…Hey presto. We do all our own videos under the name of Mobius, a freelance production company that Mook and Sam are a part of. You can even see a little cameo from 4Real (Urban Intelligence/Street Literature) in the video.

004..How do you guys make your own beats? What kind of technical equipment do you use? Do you guys have a favourite musical project that you’ve worked on?

An abbreviated list of our musical making stuff and stuff includes – MPC 2000xl, Logic, Battery, Kontakt, a bunch of other gear etc. You can check Mook making MPC beats on youtube from a few years back. (The new album is our favourite work to date but that ain’t out yet.)

005..Let’s talk about your style. How would you describe it ?

Our style has evolved over the years from dope to super dope.

006. `The Forgotten Cuts` has been released earlier this year. What kind of feedbacks do you have from the listeners?

People seem to be digging it.

007. All of your projects and cover artworks are really nice and clean. Please could you tell us about more your desing, artwork?

We do all our own design. Mook is actually a graphic designer so we sorted innit. The painting on the cover of Tommy’s ep was created by a local artist called Paul Bolger who incidentally took the photograph for Kav’s ep.

008. Would you like working together with one special icon from the game? I mean like any famous Producers or Mc`s of the Hip Hop movement?

We would love to spit on a Chemo beat before we die. Shouts to Chemo (he masters our shit). 

009. Many of the artists nowadays believe that major record labels are the evil empire. Make a case for signing with a major as opposed to an independent label. How do you think about that?

If it don’t make dollars it don’t make sense, and if it makes dollars we taking a trip to the Bureau de Change. I’d sell my sole if the price was right (under a pseudonym of course).

010.How difficult to sell any of your new release (Cd`s, Records and Download) or is quick, easy and simple? What do you think the next Two or Three years in the UK Hip Hop or worldwide music industry?

They selling like hotcakes fam. Incidentally we sold 12 copies of 12 labours last week hahahaha. On the real though, we have given a generous portion of our work out for free but we intend to press our forthcoming album onto 12″ which will cost you a prize winning cow and 3 magic beans. We also take payment in bitcoin, copper wire and space credits.

011..Any new project? EP, Beat Tape or Album? New video in the near future?

The new album is pretty much complete which will drop soonish. Mook also has projects in the making with a few artists including Brad Strut and Tesla’s Ghost (Triple Darkness) among others. The spoken word ep with Taylor Swift has been put on hiatus due contractual obligations. Mook also has an instrumental album on its way under the name of Nylon Primate, which features Rí Rá. You can check a previous release here (below)

012. Any solo project of Sons Phonetic crew members?

Each of us has a solo ep which can be found here.

013. Any advise for the new generation, upcoming Mc`s , Dj`s , Beatboxers , Graff Artists, Breakers or any one else who try to be a part of Hip hop Culture these days.

As Rob Kelly says, ‘rap is is full’. So if you gonna come, come correct. In the end though, if you having fun it’s all good, but if you’re wack just keep it to yourself.

014..Last word.. Give a shout to…

We didn’t get a chance to talk about the Irish artist who we dig so a big shout to 4Real, Moschops, Ri Ra, Lethal Dialect, Rob Kelly, Maverick Sabre, Luni (RIP), Costello, GI, Gerry Boy and the DCR boys, Jimmy Penguin, Dah JeVu, if there’s anyone we forgot you know we love you. Peace from SP.

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