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22 Mar. 2014

Style Machine RAWS ONE // Berlin,Germany // Interview

210 Presents proudly bring the in and outlines interview again ..This time the German Style Machine from the OFF Crew RAWS ONE been asked..Graffiti writer from the German capital and from the “Graffiti Metropolis” Raws has his very own style and of course his graffiti pieces can only be recognized by real insiders. One thing is …

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20 Feb. 2014

Iz The Wiz // King of New York // Trailer

The life story of a graffiti writer Iz The Wiz .This is a documentary set in a surreal backdrop within New York City about Michael “Iz The Wiz” Martin, who became the graffiti “King of New York”. This documentary will explore, and discover the roots of graffiti writing, and what it really takes to become “All City” …

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26 Oct. 2012


Wayne Roberts was a pioneering 1970s graffiti writer known as “Stay High 149” who borrowed the haloed stick figure from the title sequence of the 1960s television series “The Saint,” put a joint in its mouth and turned it around. His “Smoker” tag, or signature, turned the heads of legions of imitators and admirers, including the anonymous …

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26 Oct. 2012


 In the 1970s and ’80s, chances were good that anyone traveling the New York subways rode at least once in a car emblazoned with “Iz the Wiz.” Cryptic but euphonious, often abbreviated to the ultraminimal Iz, the signature could be seen all over the subway system: fat capital letters spray-painted on a door, below a …

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20 Oct. 2012


In a matter of speaking, Blake Lethem is the man behind DOOM’s mask. Not that he is DOOM, but that he worked with the Villain to design his first and second disguises.Lethem (also known as KEO and SCOTCH 79) is a Brooklyn-born graffiti writer, designer, MC, and raconteur whose stories go much deeper than his …

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29 Sep. 2012


Hello everyone.. First of all welcome to new visitors and big up to every Hip Hop heads around the world.. Start the beginning 210 born and raised in Hungary a small town (Debrecen) east side of the county. First touch with Hip Hop culture end of 80′s early 90′s mainly influenced by Style Wars, Wild Style. Around …

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