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09 Mar. 2014

Joe Kickass “The Big Bang” // Project Mooncircle //

Joe Kickass “The Big Bang” video is here now also “The Average Joe” (Gold Vinyl) After the success of his previous releases, Amsterdam based Joe Kickass sets out to create a worthy follow-up to his ‘Mind Joe’ legacy. It’s been a long time coming but now his second full length album, ‘The Average Joe’ at …

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06 Jan. 2013

10 YRS HHV 45‘ Series Volume 10 //The Limited 7“//

“Ten years of existence and constant progress is no easy endeavor and it’s honouring all the more to celebrate all these years of succesful cooperation with the tenth and concluding release of the ‘10 YRS HHV 45‘ series. The limited 7“ contains four exclusive tracks produced, coproduced or remixed by label-avantgarde Pavel Dovgal, Long Arm, 40 …

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