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06 Nov. 2014

1st Hungarian Hip Hop Jam @The Silver Bullet London // 210 presents

Hi boys and girls/ladies and gents,here is the #HHHJ1 (Hungarian Hip hop Jam) by 210 Presents..We have some good news for those who love hungarian Hip-Hop because 210 Presents decided to kick off with the Hungarian Hip Hop Jam Vol.1, held in North East London on Saturday 15th November 2014.All hungarian homies you better start …

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22 Sep. 2013

RUSTE JUXX Duck Down Records // Ready To Juxx Tour //

Yess People One member of the world famous Duck Down Records crew will be on his European Tour soon. Ruste Juxx READY TO JUXX TOUR in September 2013 and one of his destination in Hungary,Debrecen 2013.09.14  210 Presented a 40 minutes Ruste Juxx Promo Mix ,Listen here. Ruste Juxx @ RH //Romlott Hazai// Debrecen ,Hungary 2013.09.14 Official events page here See …

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