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23 Jan. 2014

Verbal Kent “Sammy Sosa” // Produced by Khrysis //

Verbal Kent (of Ugly Heroes) new album “Sound Of Weapon” coming very soon Feb.18 on Mello Music Group 2014. Watch the “Sammy Sosa” video from the album”Sound of the Weapon”produced by Khrysis..Peace

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05 Dec. 2013

L’Orange & Stik Figa “Blind Tiger” // Official Video //

A new single by L`Orange & Stik Figa taken from “The City Under The City” album out now on Mello Music Group..Dark and abstract journey with the visuals for Blind Tiger. French noir rooted in stateside malaise makes this new visual from producer L’Orange and writer Stik Figa come together with unsettling ease.Peace 

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13 Nov. 2013

Trellion “Me again” //BAD TASTE RECORDS// Official Video

New single by Trellion “Me Again” video is here now “This track has nothing to do with anything.But there is a new Trellion tape coming soon.” on Bad Taste Records ..Watch the video below..Peace 

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05 Nov. 2013

Split Prophets “Family Trees” Official Video

Split Prophets ”Family Trees” Video is here now with the full crew Upfront , Flying-Monk , Paro , Bil Next , Two Tungs , Res , Datkid & Blanka Produced by Badhabitz taken “Southbound and Down” EP available on the split prophets bandcamp..Watch the video below.Peace

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30 Oct. 2013

ENDEMIC “High Society” Tragedy Khadafi, Ruste Juxx & Afu Ra

UK Producer Endemic “Terminal Illness” Part 2 is on the way now..Here is the “High Society” single featuring the Tragedy Khadafi,Ruste Juxx and Afu-Ra.. Album in stores November 26th. Watch the video below. Peace 

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30 Oct. 2013

WYKA Feat.PRINCE AK “Killers,Criminals,Crooks” VIDEO

Wyka featuring Prince AK ” Killers,Criminals,Crooks” video is here now.Real Hip Hop Filmed And Edited by CrenshawSlauson for CrenshawSlausonFilmz.Big Homie Entertainment..Watch the video below. 

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24 Oct. 2013

Lewis Parker “Summer With Asakala” VIDEO OUT NOW

Lewis Parker “Summer With Asakala” Video out now.Taken from “The Glass Ceiling” Album continued espionage thriller, about the trials and tribulations in Lewis Parker’s and associates’ lives. Featuring from Sadat X, Shabaam Sahdeeq, John Robinson, T.R.A.C, Eastkoast, ZU and more.Out now on KingUnderground Records. Available here . 

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17 Oct. 2013

Audessey & A Cat Called Fritz “Frequencies” Video

Audessey & aCatCalledFritz ”Frequencies” is taken from their debut EP “Beats Per Minute”  Slice of Spice  is proud to announce it is collaborating with Audessey (from Soundsci) and French beatmaker extraordinaire aCatCalledFritz, to bring y’all some dope music, visuals, and wax.Watch the visual below .Peace

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13 Oct. 2013

VON POE VII & EMPTYSEV “Ephemeral” //Official Video//

Poetic Death / Von Poe Vii takes us a foot deeper into his personal background beyond the mic and music with his latest visual for “Ephemeral” (Produced by Endure) off his VONPOEVII album. Giving us a small glimpse of not only his lineage and family tides, but also his up bringing as a child. Poetic is …

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